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This is the baddest day of my life
When I was three, I wrote myself a note that said, "this is the baddest day of my life".  I then put it in my file that had all my important documents like my birth certificate.  I can't believe that I was three when I wrote that, but thinking that I could have gotten the date wrong is just not possible.  I must admit though, I did spell "baddest" incorrectly...what an idiot.  Please note though that even at three, I used a period.

I'm not sure what happened that day and I realized that even at such a young age my memory was fallible, so it was good form for me to write some way to remember the travesties that occurred.  At a much later date, I wrote a note (now lost) stating that "Mom favors Kathy".  I'm sure a similar injustice occurred on March 25, 1974.  When addressing the matter with my parents, they are rather tight-lipped.  I'm sure that they are guilty of some heinous deed.

Today wasn't the baddest day.  To say so would cloud the already faded memory of 3/25/74.  However, today was a no good day...a no good day indeed.  I went to my eye appointment because of cloudiness in my left eye.  Well, I think partly because I have obscured vision in my left eye, I ran over a parking lot raised island.  This completely blew out my tire which I left in the parking lot as I went in to my appointment.

In my appointment, I learned that I had a virally induced corneal ulcer, which sounds so serious, but isn't that big of a deal.  When I went out to get my car, Greg was out there putting on my spare, which he first had to fill with air.  This was something that made my no good day, not so bad.  My eye appointment was next to a tire place and they replaced my tire and gave us a matching one at 4:55, even though they closed at 5:00.  That also made my no good day a little better.  However, it wasn't at all free, so I'm calling that event even.

I then went to get my three medications for my eye filled at Target....$200 and they have to special order one of them.

In other news, Greg diagnosed the ulcers before I went to my primary care doctor back in December.  Well, he said "you've got holes in your eyes".  He was right.  If only my primary care doctor actually looked at my eye this could have been taken care of a lot sooner.  She is now my previous primary care doctor.

Oh...and one of my fillings fell out. 

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I hope tomorrow perks up for you!

Thank you...actually, it wasn't so bad. I took everything in stride.

Baddest day?

WOW, what a day. Glad you took it in stride and even if it cost $200 I am glad you are getting the eye taken care of. As for 3/25/74, it was a Monday. Was that when you were going to the University of Oregon Medical School up on the hill?

It very well could have been.

How self-reflective of you to start trying to catalog crappy things for posterity at the wizened age of 3! It seems like during childhood everyone tries to brainwash kids that life is nothing but a joy and everyone is supposed to be happy and content all the time. It makes for a lot of repressed feelings among children in my experience. No such delusion for you, apparently. You were a natural born journaler even then.

You went on to use the word favors in your later pre-journal entry. Favors? Really?? I could relate to a "Mom loves Katie better than me" but you were too verbally efficient for that. I see now that you must have been one of these precocious tots whom everyone felt uncomfortable around because you were so unchildlike in your eerie knowledge of adult language and decorum... just like the silver-haired Children of the Damned. That must be why Kathy got all the love.


Seriously, though, that sucks about your eye! Just like with my dad's eye. Your ex-doctor should be embarrassed at herself. At least you've finally got some medication for it. It still seems like if you had gone blind from this, you could have sued her. Medical malpractice makes no sense to me.

Get well soon, and maybe leave the driving to Greg til you can see again.

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I really wish I knew what happened for me to determine it to be the baddest day.

Well, whatever your worst memory is as a child of 3, the day in question was even worse!

Too bad your parents didnt keep journals. I mean you have the date and everything. You could just look up their entry... "Today at breakfast, Pat would not stop complaining about his cereal so finally we hired actors to come over and convince him we were selling him to the gypsies unless his attitude greatly improved...."

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