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Warts and all
I have pink eye...or rather I have something that is making my eye pink.  It has been going on for at least a month and I'm sure I picked it up from clinicals.  There is no yellow discharge, so I figured it was viral conjunctivitis.  However, it has lasted too long and there is only so long I can say "my contacts are bugging me" at work before they catch on to the fact that I don't wear contacts. 
Not my eye(not my eye)

So, I went to the doctor.  She didn't look in my eye.  She didn't check my pupil size.  I swear one is smaller than the other.  I said symptoms like it hurts my affected eye when I look at light with my unaffected eye.  Perhaps it is iritis, which could be treated with anti-inflammatory medicine and dilation.  She just gave me a prescription for an antibiotic eye drop even though I said that I had been using one to no avail just to rule out bacterial infection. 

I then showed her a wart that has appeared above my eyebrow.  (Don't worry, it looks manly and like a mole).  She said that a dermatologist would have to remove warts.  I can understand her hesitation of removing a wart on a face, but all warts?  Time to find another doctor. 

I need to make a batch of Greg's wart remover.  It is pure salicylic acid mixed with a little bit of lotion.  It works better than anything and the wart is just gone in a couple of days from one application.  The problem is that it is hard to order pure salicylic acid unless you are a school or laboratory.  Sigh...

By the way, do not do a search for warts using the google image search, unless you want to look at a lot of warty genitals.

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Yeah, it sounds like your doctor sucks. Hey, here's a random question ... can medical professionals treat themselves, write themselves prescriptions, etc? Like if you know you have pinkeye, or iritis, will you someday be able to just deal with it on your own?

Does that apply to family too? Will you potentially be able to save Greg millions of dollars in medical costs by being his private medico?

I've always thought it would be cool to be a doctor or a lawyer, just for the cost savings alone.

You can't write a prescription for yourself, but you can write it for a family member. I'm sure you can see how easy it is to get around that little problem.

However, I will be a nurse and not a doctor, unless I go on to be a nurse practitioner, which is a possibility.

If I worked at a hospital or clinic, I could totally muscle doctors into giving me what I wanted. I did when I worked at the pulmonary clinic. It helps that I'm not a narcotics seeker, but rather I would only request medically plausible things.

Warts and all

Just be careful you don't miss the wart and get your eye with your potion. That might make your eye totally red!! I do think you need a new Dr., but saddly, there are not the wonderful, all-knowing Dr.'s around in General Practice anymore. If you ask more than 3 questions, my Dr. says you have to make another appointment. Humbug.

Glad you are feeling better. Hope that eye gets cleared up. After all those "contacts" can be really a pain. Wonder if its connected to you upper respiratory ailment??

Is your eye still red? My dad had a pink eye and it turned out to be a viral infection. There was a big flap because I guess he could have lost his eyesight because he was so stoic about going in to have it examined that it had gotten pretty bad. It got better in time though.

Can you sue your doctor if you lose your sight because she gave you nothing but those damn antibiotic drops?

Oh and your Dad and I now have something in common. Mine is viral too...Herpetic to be exact...ewwww! It's all the eye sex I have.

Herpetic-- nice terminology! Don't feel bad about all your eye sex, I had two herpetic cold sores this month out of the blue... one on my lip and one near my eyebrow... and I guarrantee you the skin on my face hasn't been sexually active lately.

Those viral infections make a person feel extra crummy. I only get them when my immune system is shot to shit from stress or illness. Get better.


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