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Hello 21st Century, It's me, Patrick.
Greg and I are finally doing it.  We are getting rid of our home phone and getting real cell phones, or mobile phones as the kids are calling it now-a-days.  Greg is most hesitant about this new era of communication.  I suggested that he just get a phone so I can contact him.  Who else does he talk to on the phone?  No one!  He hates the phone.  So it is ironic that he chose the LG enV Touch for his phone. 

It's super high tech and requires an internet connection fee.  Then he swears up and down that he is going to throw it in a drawer and never look at it in some sort of passive-aggressive action towards his phone.  That's fine, but why didn't he just get some free jobby with no features.  He better become a phone junky or I swear....pow, right in the kisser. I, on the other hand, simply wanted a Qwerty keyboard.   So, I got the very cute and functional Razzle.

Why does the base swivel, you ask?  I ask, why wouldn't it.  It very clearly is also used as an mp3 player and has a slot for adding an additional 16 GB.  That's more than I'll ever need.  My original Dell DJ mp3 player is looking clunkier than ever.

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Wow, you guys caught the phone upgrade bug too!

I've never seen a swiveling phone base before. That must be fun to play with!

It has limited fun. Greg's phone rocks though.


Well, limited fun is better than no fun.

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